Dedicated Forklift Training Providers


At our dedicated training centre in Southampton we can offer an in house Counter Balance Forklift training service to cater for all abilities. 

Forklift trucks are dangerous pieces of equipment which have the potential to injure or kill if used incorrectly, no surprise it's a legal requirement for employers to ensure any operators are qualified!

Training completed on our site or yours by our team of RTITB registered instructors

All of our courses follow the Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) as laid down by the Health & Safety Commission, and are approved by the H.S.E. These set the legal minimum standard of basic training people should receive before they are allowed to operate certain types of lift truck.

top courses

  • Refresher Training (1 Day)
    Refresher Training (1 Day)
  • Novice (3/4 Days)
    Novice (3/4 Days)
  • Experienced Operators (2 Days)
    Experienced Operators (2 Days)